When you look at this life and this world what do you see?

Some see people, stores, roads, pollution, racial issues, presidents, dictators, gun bans, airstrikes, etc etc.

But how do you really see your life?

Do you see it as a book? As a story not yet written? Or do you see it as nothing? Just there.

I see the reality of eternity.

This is all real. God is real. Spiritual warfare is real. Pain is real. Heaven and Hell are real. The realities of it all are true and present.

I think we walk through each day in a daze, and don’t let the weight of reality settle on us.

I sometimes live my life on earth as though it is a book someone else in another world is reading and that will go on and on and on, as we hope all books will. We do not want the book to end and neither do we really see our time on this earth as something that is going to end. However, the reality of it is, yes our lives will end, whether we die or Christ comes again. In a way there is no end game for us because we cannot wrap our minds around eternity, because eternity is real. the life we have on this earth is a gift that God has granted us when He formed us. Yet after we shed our mortal bodies, our soul will continue to live on, into eternity. Can we truly comprehend what eternity is? What the reality of eternity is? Because even sitting here my head spins just trying to type out what I am feeling and thinking.

These thoughts and this mindset isn’t always present in my life, but when God reminds me of it I feel as though the blinders have come off. I see the world in a brighter light. LITERALLY! Everything gets sharper and brighter, as though I’ve torn off the blinders and glasses that keep me sedated. It’s almost as though Satan is trying to keep me subdued so that I will not realize or think about these things.

The reality of eternity is so much more than just seeing that what we see every day is temporary, it’s living like it is. Realizing that there are things in this world that we get all worked up about when in the long run, in the stretch of eternity, it does not really matter.

Francis Chan, has a sermon that is known fondly as the Rope Sermon. Living Eternally, the true title of the sermon, has a section where Chan pulls a rope onto the stage. The rope stretches the length of the stage and only one small two-inch piece of rope, at the end, is taped in red. The rest of it is white and stretches on and on. Chan goes on to explain that the rope in general represents your lifespan, it goes on and on, eternally. However, that small piece of red tape is your time on earth. How small is that piece of tape compared to the rest of eternity? How difficult is it for us to comprehend it?

Chan does a much better job of explaining and speaking to this issue in his sermon, which you will find below. If you have time you should watch the whole sermon, it is powerful. However if you skip to around 24 minutes you will get the rope illustration. Please at least watch this bit of the sermon. There is so much truth in what he has to say.

View some of his sermons here, Crazy Love – YouTube.

I hope that what I have said makes sense. It is hard to wrap my brain around it all, but I felt compelled to share this with you today. I hope and pray that God will speak to each and every one of you. God Bless.


May your coffee be strong and your faith stronger.