You’re going to be hearing a lot about my Dallas adventures here over the next few weeks. I spent hours upon hours exploring coffee shops and different areas of Dallas, looking for those places I wanted to write about.

My second coffee shop I visited was a place called Oak Lawn Coffee. Located off the busy street of Oak Lawn, this small coffee shop is a hidden gem. Sharing store front with City Pet Supply, the shop is very unobtrusive, but once found it’s a brilliant space. The shop connects inside to the pet supply shop so that patrons can walk through to explore. The exterior of Oak Lawn is very simple, white brick and just a little but of decoration. Painted right next to the door is the quote. “EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH COFFEE” #OAKLAWNCOFFEE. I can agree with this quote and couldn’t help but smile when I first saw it.

Inside the shop you are immediately faced with the bar and all the wonders of the baristas work space. While it takes up most of the room, there is another back room with plenty of space for others to sit and enjoy their coffee or a nice chat. There are nice comfy chairs accompanied by the standard table and chairs you will find in most coffee shops. Architecturally the building both interior and exterior does not stand out very much, but that is not to say this isn’t a wonderful place to gather. When I was there the entire store was full, to the point I had to go and sit outside. Not that I minded, I really needed to work on my tan anyway. XP

Sitting outside I was able to people watch and see who came in and out of the store. I saw anyone from the hipsters to business men venturing over to this little coffee shop. I think this speak volumes to the shop and its coffee. Though it’s not the most gorgeous shop I’ve ever been in, the fact that there were so many different types of people coming in and out meant they were there for a reason.

Let’s talk about the coffee, shall we? When I walked in I gave my usual schpeel of I wasn’t sure what to get and such. I ended up with an iced dirty chai. Yes, I know, I have a problem. The chai was very good and I honestly needed that extra kick of espresso to get me through the rest of the day. I noticed while I was standing and waiting that Oak Lawn Coffee also served Tweed Coffee Roasters, whom we have talked about before in another post. The menu is very simple, and maybe it’s a Dallas thing, they did not have any specialty roasts or coffees for me to try, which was a little disappointing. I tried to get the barista to tell me about the shop and their mission, but only succeeded in annoying the poor man. So I took a look on the world wide web and found their website. Turns out they donate 10% of their profits to a charity that is working to help better the surrounding area as well as Dallas in general. We all know I love a “coffee with a cause” shop, but had I not gone online, I never would have known that they were using their shop for such charity. I’m surprised it was not more obvious.

Overall I would give Oak Lawn Coffee a 3.5 out of 5 Stars. I wish that they had been a bit more friendly and that I had been able to hear from the baristas themselves about the good that Oak Lawn Coffee is trying to do. Not to say I did not enjoy my drink and that maybe I just visited on a bad day, but I would be willing to come by again someday and see if anything had changed.

As always

May Your Coffee Be Strong and your Faith Stronger.
Bobbi Lynn