Good morning everyone! I am so thrilled to chat with you today about my adventures this past week. Daniel and I traveled to Dallas, to discover all it’s hidden treasures. My fiance had to travel there for work, so I decided to tag along and see what the city has to hold.

I haven’t spent much time in Dallas, more on the outskirts or the Fort Worth area, so this was most definitely a new adventure for me. Daniel and I spent the first few days exploring the museums and the “must see”s of the Dallas area. After that however, I was on my own and I planned to spend as much time as I could working and enjoying coffee.

My first stop was a place called Houndstooth Coffee. Based originally out of Austin this coffee company is still within its first decade, but has expanded rather quickly. We all know Corporate Coffee and their tendency to take over every corner of a city, so I think we have a tendency to forget that smaller coffee companies are trying to expand as well. Now, being from Houston I would not have recognized the name Houndstooth Coffee from Adam. The company currently holds four locations and a bar, split between Austin and Dallas. They are also planning on opening their next two locations here soon. (I’m crossing my fingers that they will end up in Houston!)

The location I found myself at is located in what is known as the Knox/Henderson area. Houndstooth has a street presence that makes the shop hard to miss. Located at a T intersection, the deck area of the shop juts towards passing cars. The exterior of the building is all wood and steel. Covering the windows are a pattern of wooden block, mounted to hidden steel beams. You can see through the pattern when sitting inside, but it provides some privacy from those out on the patio who might want to look in.

You won’t be surprised that I was completely overjoyed when I walked in. Not only does the same wood adorning the building, make its way inside, the pop color of the shop is a GORGEOUS teal. My absolute favorite color! The tables and chairs are a light wood mixed with a metal colored in teal. I’m wishing Daniel was here to tell me what type of wood they used, but sadly I’m on my own for this one. On one wall the company’s mission statement is written, “THE PATTERN OF COFFEE AND PEOPLE.” The interior of Houndstooth has that hipster vibe to it. everything is tall and with large community tables, it looks like an artists heaven. There is plenty of space to spread out if you’re working on a project, but there are also small spaces if you’re one wanting to keep to yourself. I found myself sitting at a tall bar that lined part of a wall and one of the front windows. The walls are white except for one wall with a beautiful exposed brick. The whole space is modern and fun, but welcoming. The upbeat 80’s music adds to the atmosphere. I did not feel the need to plug myself into my computer to focus, instead the energy and background noise from the music and the patrons was enough to keep my focused and comfortable.

Enough about the building itself, let’s talk about the coffee I had! The menu for Houndstooth is not large, but is filled with the classics to satisfy all types of coffee and tea drinkers. They also offer little snacks and even breakfast burritos in the morning. After a suggestion from the barista I started off with a classic cappuccino. I needed something strong to start my day. As I have mentioned before I prefer sweeter drinks, and am slowly learning the ways of the true coffee drinker. The cappuccino was amazing! The espresso was smooth and did not fight against the milk and foam. The second drink I ordered was my typical chai latte. The barista told me that they use Rishi Chai, which I have never had before. The chai spice is subtle, but there is no denying that the drink is a chai. The spices stick to your palate and leave you feeling warm and alive. Chai usually reminds me of Christmas, but the Rishi reminded me of a warm day in the summer. Strange right?

After some investigation, I found that Houndstooth Coffee has a sister company called Tweed Coffee Roasters. Tweed started three years ago when they opened their first Houndstooth location in Dallas. She’s taken off since then, however, and they are now selling to other shops and companies as well. There are plenty of blends and flavors to go around for Tweed, giving its patrons a wide range of choices. Houndstooth also serves Counter Culture and Rosaline Coffee. Needless to say I may have bought a few bags to take home, tehe.

Overall I would give Houndstooth Coffee a stead 4.5 out of 5 Stars. With a welcoming atmosphere and delicious coffee, this place is one I will most definitely visit again. Here is hoping they open up a location in Houston! Go check our their website here as well as Tweed Coffee Roasters website here.

As always,


May Your Coffee Be Strong and Your Faith Stronger.


Bobbi Lynn