We’ve visited so many coffee shops it’s safe to say that they have started to blur together a little bit. I’ve kept a written log of all of the places we have visited and there are quite a few where I have to go look online to remember the shop and where it was. This week we traveled out to Jones Road to visit a little hole-in-the-wall called Crescent Moon Coffee Bar & Café. Though the area is not much of a coffee community, outside the random large chain stores, this little shop has done quite well for itself. Crescent Moon is hidden away in the corner of an old strip mall. Though not large in square footage, the shop has plenty to offer. With coffee brews from Katz Coffee and Counter Strike, there are plenty of options for blends, but also many options for flavors and non-coffee lovers. Green smoothies, chocolate smoothies, frappes, and assorted brewed teas give you plenty of options if you’re not in the mood for coffee. There is also a small menu with brunch styled food and snacks. Like any other shop, Crescent Moon also has pastries and muffins to enjoy for the snack types. We did not get anything while we were there, but they did look very good and fresh.

The shop is not very large, but whoever designed the layout made sure there was space for proprietors to sit and enjoy their coffee, with couches and tables and chairs. It is a good combination though, giving available space for those who enjoy lounging and those who need an actual table. We were the only ones in the shop during the time we were there, but the shop could easily hold at least fifteen people. You can tell it is a small family owned shop, by the decor and the ambiance of the shop. It’s very laid back and has a country feel to it. Black and while pictures adorn the walls as well as fun wooden signs and rustic wall pieces. There is an old armoire that has been converted to hold a small fridge for water and other non-coffee beverages. The coffee bar itself is simple, but has plenty of counter space for all of the flavors, and coffee brews.

Now let’s talk about the drinks Daniel and I had. I ordered a Salted Caramel Latte made with almond milk. The shop offers 2%, almond, and soy milk, which is incredibly smart because so many people need the other options, whether it is for health reasons or personal taste. My latte did not need any extra sweetener as the flavor itself was very sweet. The almond milk helped to keep the drink from being overwhelmingly sweet. Daniel had a Truffle Latte made with almond milk.

All in all the Crescent Moon is a sweet little store to go visit. If you’re passing through and want a small-town hold-in-the-wall feel, this is the place to go. Though not my favorite store we have visited, it is a very cute and quaint location. I’d give the shop a 3 out of 5 Stars.

As Always,

May Your Coffee Be Strong and Your Faith Stronger.