It seems we have finally moved past all of the Dallas coffee shops and are back in Houston! Just the other day I was celebrating two years of coffee shop Saturdays and am very excited for the anniversary of my first coffee review, which is right around the corner! I’m thinking about writing a special post for the occasion, but have not decided quite yet what I want to do. I’ll let you know when I decide! For now let’s talk about the newest addition to Houston’s Coffee Shops, Cavo Coffee.

Daniel and I were excited when we first heard about Cavo opening, because it was so close to his work and we love the area. Located off of Richmond avenue, Cavo stands out from the rest of its building. From the outside Cavo is clean and bright. The gorgeous white marble walkway and brilliantly white exterior give you a sense of sophistication. Walking into Cavo Coffee I was immediately hit with how comfortable I felt. The shop is clean and bright, with our favorite materials: wood, metal, and concrete. The barista’s bar is made with the same marble that is found in other parts of the building, as well as a large slab of gorgeous wood. Though the interior designer obviously outdid his/herself, there was more than just the design that made me feel comfortable. It was the atmosphere. Everyone in the shop seemed comfortable, even though many were still in business attire.

Lets keep talking about the interior of the building, though. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy your coffee, whether you are on your own or in a group. I love it when shops have options for seating. So many people come into a shop on their own, but having the extra room and options for larger parties to come and enjoy the shop is always a good call. Along the back wall there is a gorgeous bench style seating area. The large dark blue cushions are a dream to sit on and the seat is long enough that you can sit indian style if you want to. Above the bench a light wood adorns the wall, in a fun and yet simple chevron pattern. It’s a beautiful contrast between the dark and light tones, which can be found all over the shop.

The regular chairs that sit opposite the bench are a design of copper metal piping. These are also very comfortable to sit in and compliment the dark wood and fabric of the cushions. There is also a high table with chairs made to accent the cooper and metals in the building, as well as there is a little area with large leather seats. Down the wall to the left of the door is a whole other high bar style seating area, which looks out the large windows that let in the light. All-in-all the interior gives a sort of industrial feel to it, but not in a way that feels cold or unwelcoming. In fact, I think it gives quite the opposite effect.

Cavo Coffee’s big sister is none other than Siphon Coffee, who we have visited before. We were blown away that the same owner had decided to open up this other shop, but we most definitely were not complaining. Cavo has many similarities to Siphon, but there are plenty of things that separate it from its big sister. I don’t want to sit here and compare the two, however, as both have their own different styles.

Let’s talk about Cavo’s Menu! Their menu is quite simple, but don’t let that fool you. They have all the classic espresso drinks: cappuccino, latte, flat white, which they make with the beans they get from AMAYA Roasters. You might recognize that name, as there have been quite a few of the shops we have visited that procure their beans from AMAYA. Cavo also offers brewed coffees and teas, as well as Halogen siphons, which comes as no surprise.

There are plenty of options for those trying to be on the healthier side of things, as well. You have your choice as to what type of milk you would prefer in your coffee, which has become important with many individuals requiring a non dairy options. Their menu also expands beyond just coffee, with all different types of sandwiches and treats to pair with your drink of choice. I’ve visited Cavo a few times since I first trip, and have only had their double chocolate chip cookie, which was absolutely phenomenal! Though we haven’t had any of their food I’ve seen plenty of people rave about what they were having.

Daniel and I have tried quite a few of their drinks, to the point that listing all of them would take too much time. However, what really stood out to me about everything was just how fresh it tasted. There was no sense of a bitter taste from the coffee, whether brewed or espresso, that you tend to get in older beans. The chai was fantastic and just the right amount of spice. They even managed to make some coffee art out of the cinnamon on top!

Overall I would give Cavo Coffee a 4.75 out of 5 Stars. I still can’t quite give out that 5 out of 5 yet, but Cavo came very close. If you have the time please go check out their website here, and go visit whenever you are down in Houston. You will not regret it!

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May Your Coffee Be Strong and Your Faith Stronger