Hello! and welcome back! Man, this year is going so fast! I cannot believe we are already three months in. This weekend we visited a little place near our home. If you’re from Spring, hopefully you’ve heard of Old Town Spring. This small little “town” is home to many small shops that offer everything from wedding dresses to knitting needles. Snuggled into these shops is a little place called The Blue Giraffe. Now don’t be fooled by is eclectic exterior, the coffee is superb.

The Blue Giraffe is a family owned shop, with the original owners still there. They opened their doors in 2015 and have done extremely well. Not only do they offer freshly brewed coffee, they also host a multitude of coffee beans and nick nacks to spare. Coffee mugs. travel mugs, wall signs, t-shirts, lawn decor, these are just a few of the fun gifts offered.

The space is a little cluttered, but there are plenty of places to sit. Couches and all different types of tables and chairs are dispersed throughout the store. There is even an area set up for live music to play. Daniel and I have gone twice, once last year, and just this last weekend. Both times we were there, live music was being played and both artists were very talented. There are board games on one of the tables, for patrons to play while enjoying the beverages and food offered.

Now Blue Giraffe has a wide variety of beverages to choose from. With hot and cold drinks, there are plenty of options. For those of us who like our sweet drinks, they have what they affectionately call The Blue Giraffe. A white chocolate caramel mocha topped with blue whip cream, that can be either iced or hot. I had mine iced and it was absolutely fantastic. I had to keep myself from drinking it too fast. Daniel had a hot pumpkin spice latte, in the cutest cup! Look at the little giraffe in the bottom!

And in unison we all say, “Awwwww”.

Now the coffee beans that Blue Giraffe carries are very eclectic. They have everything from German Green Coffee to Mexican Organic Coffee. All different types of roasts and flavorings. I’ve seen Snickerdoodle and even Texas Pecan. There are so many different flavors! I’ve even bought some and am waiting til next week to dive on in! They also offer a small food menu with breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Though nothing extravagant the menu has that home cooked feel to it. Coupled with the homey atmosphere its a perfect combination.

The Blue Giraffe is a tiny hole in the wall place, but as we all know sometimes those places are the best. Go check out their Facebook page here. Nestle in a 100-year-old town, they offer so much to the community. I would give The Blue Giraffe a standing 4 out of 5 Stars and 100% recommend you go and visit!

As Always!

May Your Coffee Be Strong, and Your Faith Stronger!